Easter Seals Nebraska Employment & Professional Services

  Another Easter Seals Nebraska Independence Initiative

About Us

The mission of Easter Seals Nebraska's Employment & Professional Services is to offer a holistic service environment whereby individuals with disabilities can access needed services, connect to employers and become educated about incentives to achieve independence.

Work Incentives and Benefits Counseling Services help Social Security beneficiaries make an informed decision about employment. Work is possible for Social Security beneficiaries! This service helps beneficiaries understand
the impact earnings will have on the benefits they receive, including both cash and medical benefits.

Education Services provides training to agencies and professionals on Social Security disability benefits as well as other
state and federal means-tested benefits applicable to individuals with disabilities. The goal of Education Services
is to promote employment and improve the support system for individuals with disabilities who want to work by
 educating agencies and professionals who already serve and support them.

The Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program is a free employment program for individuals
who are receiving Social Security disability benefits and are interested in obtaining or advancing in employment.
The program provides services to help participants achieve greater independence and
self-sufficiency through employment.
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